Space Descent VR

Alchemy VR is one of the leading virtual reality studios in the world they have built up a strong reputation and worked with some interesting partners collaborating on some very compelling concepts. They have a very strong background in producing, with members of their staff having a history of working for the prestigious Atlantic Productions.

The latest project by Alchemy VR and the one that grabbed our attention, and tickled our taste buds is Space Descent VR. We are keen to see it in person. Space Descent VR saw them teaming up with Tim Peake’s the British astronaut as a consultant, to make the experience as realistic as possible. Tim’s most recent home was situated in space at the International Space Station, his home for 186 days.

The Science Museum now houses the very craft that Tim Peake’s returned to in the Soyuz TMA-19M spacecraft. The Space Descent VR voyage takes place in space and lands in Kazakhstan whilst never leaving the ground. This journey through the consultation of Tim Peake’s and the expert producing skills of Alchemy VR will likely inspire the next generation of astronauts to make the step up and see it for themselves.

(The image used is courtesy of the Science Museum)