The Void

We all have those certain fantasies that we would love to fulfil, no, I am not talking sexually. I am talking about that one character you have always wanted to be, ever since your childhood. For me when I was younger I was certain I was spider man and what do you know something has emerged that has my spider senses tingling.

Although not entirely exclusive to geeks a very exciting company named The Void a startup based in Utah is bringing dreams to reality through a clever combination of shelf bought and in-house created technologies they are using these technologies in conjunction with custom, tangible building layouts to give a sense of hyper reality. Not only are you seeing a world through their own enhanced version of Oculus Rift virtual reality goggles but the graphics are responding to the tracking of your hands using a leap motion device, heightened audio quality and the environment feels how they look. The gear also includes a series of haptics providing haptic feedback to the user at certain points in relation to the narrative the users are exploring. This new type of entertainment is built to be explored they are trying to facilitate dreams by blurring the line between virtual/real/reality even further.

The concept of the place really is a dream come true, a very innovative concept and a huge step forward from the days of laser tag. They are finding a way to bridge the gap between gaming and adventure in a way that opens the use of VR up to a much wider audience. Or at least it will do when it is not limited by how high spec your own computer is. The experience isn’t yet perfect it does come with its fall backs such as being tethered to your computer by wires, a set up requiring a large amount of space and the cost if you don’t already own a high spec computer.

The company recently opened its doors to its first paying members, currently given a choice of one of two narratives be at the helm of a ghostbusting frenzy or adventure through a jungle temple. Here are some reactions from the Ghostbuster experience.